If you have issues with the controls try to refresh the page.

Blob Story: Cave Rescue! Is an adventure game where you have to traverse a randomly generated cave in order to rescue all the blobs! You will go from room to room searching for them, and collecting their energy to give you a boost. However have too much energy and it will become tough to see, enemies will find you easier and more :O Do your best to rescue as many blobs as you can and return them to safety!

Game Tips:

Here are a few tips to help out since I didn't have a whole lot of time for a tutorial.

1) If you have too much energy that you want to get ride of go back to the starting room to empty out!

2) The crude graphics in the bottom left corner is a mini-map, it will generate as the cave randomly gets created.

3) Each section of the map has a blob located in it, keep an eye out for them!


Move: W, A, S, D

Aim: Mouse Pointer

Shoot: Mouse Click

Programs Used:

Sublime Text (code editor)

Paint.net(image editor)

Photoshop(image editor)

FL Studio(music editor)