Shape Shooters is a game for the Ludum Dare 35 48 hour competition. With a theme of "shapeshifting" you must resize yourself to accomplish tasks. Match colors in order to pass gates, and change you shape to take down enemies!


Space: Change Color (Square)/Shoot Bullet (Circle)

A or D: Change Shape

W: Grow

S: Shrink

As a square you are able to get taller or shorter. Depending on your height you can get through specific obstacles. Get through the color coded gates by matching their size and color. Shrink down in order to fit through small hallways. Circles can shoot bullets. Change into one by hitting the 'X' key, and then fire away by mashing 'Z'. Circles can also get bigger for a stronger punch, but be warned that they don't move that fast.


Sublime Text 2 (Text editor) (Image Creation/Editing) (Music Creation)

SFXR (Sound Effect Creation)

Tiled (Level Creation)

Enchant.js (Game framework)

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